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Gasmask Leather Kvlt

Gasmask, Leather, PVC kvlt shoot! This is totally not safe for work! So be warned. The full uncensored gallery can be found from here: https://www.0-orb.net/zero/gallery/gasmask-leather-kvlt/

White Clothes, White Studio

A new update! This was an alternative shoot to a album cover which ended up not being used. So I’ll publish it here! Note that there is (airsoft)gun images and pointing, so if that is not your thing, please don’t go the gallery which is here: https://www.0-orb.net/zero/gallery/white-clothes-white-studio/

UK Fetish Awards!

Hi there! I am nomited as Fetish Photographer at the UK Fetish Awards! Awesome! You can vote for me here: https://ukfetishawards.com/o_models/0-orb/

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