How to support!

Hi there, since things cost, starting from the hosting of this site on a server (not to mention all the gasoline, battery replacements, or other expenses, especially when shooting abroad [note that I don’t list any camera equipment here, since that would be silly]), I’m searching for a way to get at least the server cost covered.

*note: nothing is going behind a paywall etc so don’t worry*

You can browse few simple designs also from a webshop!

Unicorn for the unicorn for the unicorn lovers!

Support logo!


Also if you truly enjoy this site and want to support it, you can also make a small contribution?

So how can you help? Well it’s easy!

  1. Donate! I think that’s the most straight forward way of doing it. Paypal or Bitcoin!
    1.  Paypal: or email:
    2. Bitcoin:  1Js3na3MsKpNyMyrGQrbXS4K2Z9taykrN6 | QR: 


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